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- has a small electric motor powered by solar-sails

Besides helping as sails, the solar panels also power an electrically driven propellor. Due to its compact shape and removable or tilting motor, this kayak can be used on the open sea as well as small rivers. You can paddle upstream to places normally unreachable.


The new Vikings!

In 2020, an unmanned naval drone equipped with a Torqueedo motor crossed the Atlantic Ocean. Now we want to use this motor on a kayak, powered by solar-sails, to cross the North Atlantic from island to island like the Vikings did.


Meet the team

We are planning some expeditions in the North Sea in 2024. Are you interested in helping us? Let’s get in contact!

Join our team! >>

Thanks to my adventure partners
Partners in adventure are welcome!

Vario Drive  - Soltech  - Torqeedo  -  K2Exped - Ortlieb

In the press: Splash jan 2023

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